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My family has been working hard to eat better. Many times though, we have been unsure about the nutritional value of many foods we eat. While we are not eating a Paleo Diet (a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food), we do eat healthier.

My weight loss (70 lbs) so far has been a bit of trial and error but it always comes back to more protein, veggies and fruit; and less carbs, salt, and sugar. When I decided to not diet but eat better it was a huge change for our family. It is a total different way of living.



First I started by only purchasing items on the outside grocery aisles. I know, I know, you’ve heard it before, but I load my grocery cart with fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and better cuts of meat. I buy whole pork loins, large packs of boneless skinless chicken breasts, and sometimes beef. I also buy hamburger and low fat smoked sausage so that we don’t get bored with our dinners and lose interest.


Next I went to work learning more about nutrition. I don’t know it all, it’s something that never really interested me, but I’m trying. There are also things that we have decided not to give up for instance, salad dressings. For the last year our dinners have included a dinner salad, a protein, and more vegetables.  We are a family that prefers savory to sweet, so fruits are generally a snack.

This week I was introduced to Perfect Fit Meals. These are ready cooked meals that you can find in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. They have a vacuumed packed look to them and they look small, but they pack a good punch to your hunger! In fact, our family received 8 of these meals for review and I truly thought the boys would eat two but after one meal they were full. And what makes me smile is they were full of good tasting, good food.



Perfect Fit Meals has a dietitian that makes sure each meal is balanced. They use low glycemic whole grains, nutrient dense vegetables and lean animal protein. No artificial colors or preservatives, everything they use is fresh.

Perfect Fit Meals

What I really like about the Perfect Meals is the variety, that they need to be microwaved for only 2 minutes, and they are filling. This helps me on fright nights to get a nice meal on the table with out my husband and I sacrificing our hard work, but by helping us stick to a plan.


We were able to try the following meals: Paleo Hunter-Gather Chicken, Chicken Parmesan, Herb Crushed Chicken, Roasted Pork Loin, Paleo Turkey Skillet Scramble, Paleo Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken, Turkey Enchilada Casserole, and Southwest Style Chicken.


Last night we had 4 of these the Paleo Hunter-Gather Chicken, Chicken Parmesan, Southwest Style Chicken and Paleo Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken and we enjoyed the flavors of them all. Each meal more than filled each of us up. The meats are lean and delicious and the food tastes fresh and unique. The  meals are under 400 calories and loaded with protein to fill you up and help you feel full longer. Perfect Fit Meals are processed using, High Pressure Processing (HPP) a pasteurizaton technique recognized by the FDA which brings your food to the table tasting better.

HPP or High Pressure Processing is a food pasteurization technique recognized by the U.S.’s Food and Drug Administration, FDA, and used worldwide including: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Pacific. Foods that use HPP include: meats, fruits, vegetables, juices, dairy and seafood.

Blaise Pascal first explored High Pressure Processing, HPP, when he began testing HPP on bacteria in the 1890’s. First commercial HPP products were fruit preserves in Japan in the mid 1990’s, guacamole in the U.S. and cooked ham in Spain in 1999.

HPP is cold pasteurization in pure water; it uses ultra-high pressure purified water to keep packaged food pathogen-free and to stay fresh longer. Food is subjected 87,000 lbs. of pressure per sq. inch –– the same amount of pressure as six times the deepest part of the ocean. At this very high pressure bacteria is destroyed, but food’s taste, texture and nutritional value is preserved.

• HPP is a “Clean Label”, natural pasteurization technique
• Offers better taste, texture and nutrition
• Delivers shelf-life extension & pathogen elimination

HPP is currently utilized by a wide variety of products including: Beverages, meat, dairy,
seafood, fruits and veggies. Now, more and more SKU’s across every category are
increasingly using HPP. Emerging HPP categories include: refrigerated soups, baby food,
pet foods, new functional beverage alternatives and ready meals

• HPP food products market value: $12 billion now and will double within six years
1. More consumers and food companies both want “clean label” and convenience
2. HPP offers better taste, texture and nutrition than traditional high-heat pasteurization

About Avure /JBT Technologies

JBT/Avure is a leading global maker of HPP machines. JBT/Avure’s HPP food processing machines offer the highest output, lowest operating costs, and greatest reliability for food producers and manufacturers.From installation and maintenance of equipment systems to recipe and package development, JBT/Avure helps producers increase food safety and extend shelf life while providing consumers with nutritious,natural, flavorful food.
JBT/Avure equipment is used to treat the majority of all HPP-protected food around the world. More information is available at Facebook @AvureHPP, Twitter @AvureHPP & www.avure-hpp-foods.com

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