We Have Flockers – Quinn Becomes A Chicken Daddy Again



The chicken saga continues…


If you’ve been following along you’ve probably notice chicken posts.  Our first round of chickens were red something or others.  I really can only call them by color but they have names.  I’m sure Quinn knows what the flockers are but I’ll just stick to colors.  When he started with fertilized eggs it was a crap shoot whether he would have hens or roosters.  We really don’t want roosters since he wants his chickens for eggs.  Talking with a few of my farmer friends, they don’t want the roosters either, so we decided the local Tractor Supply would be where he gets his chicks from now on.  They sex them and separate them by type and color and you can pick what you want.


Two  weeks ago he got paid and asked me to run him over.  Until now this had been relatively cheap, but this time he added 6 black chicks to his flock, bought both nursery food, and regular chicken food, cider vinegar, more watering dishes, more food dishes etc.  When we walked out the door he was $100 lighter.  Getting home I was pretty impressed that Quinn got had the chick tub ready with the warming light and went to town making them at home.  One who hasn’t yet been named has a white spot on it’s butt and has taken to being Quinn’s best buddy.  In a couple of months they’ll be ready to join the red hens.

The roosters are still sounding like pack a day smokers when the crow, but I think with more practice they’ll get the hang of it.  I keep saying this but they don’t sound much better.  They still have to be thrown out the window each morning but once they’re out in the fresh air and sunshine they seem happy to just peck at the earth.


Less than three months into becoming a chicken farmer, Quinn has taken excellent care of these little beasts.  They have grown on me too.  I’ve gone from despising and dreading these creatures to co-existing happily with them.  I’ve even visited them a time or two to say hello.  Thankfully, our dog wants nothing to do with them so it’s been peaceful.  Crossing my fingers it stays that way.


Next on Quinn’s to do list is to make nesting boxes for each of his girls.  I also see another coop coming in adjacent to the one we have.  For his Birthday Quinn asked for Tractor Supply gift cards.  He said when you become a Chicken Daddy you’re children have to be your first priority.  It made me laugh, but it also made me beam with pride that my little boy was growing up.



3 comments for “We Have Flockers – Quinn Becomes A Chicken Daddy Again

  1. June S.
    September 10, 2018 at 7:06 am

    (We Have Flockers – Quinn Becomes A Chicken Daddy Again) That is great, I think it is awesome that young adults learn the values of responsibility today. It shows great parenting on the parts of the parents. Keep up the good work, your doing a great job.

  2. Sarah L
    September 28, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    I think it’s great for kids to have pets and take care of them. But your son is going above and beyond.

  3. desiree
    September 28, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    i use to have chciken and then they had alot of baby we take them in side them when we thought they could go out i give them to a hen

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