Help With A Rett Syndrome Cure #BloggingForACause


As a blogger and a mom I don’t always like to be thrown into the “mommy blogger” category. All of us as bloggers are so much more. One of the first bloggers I met and who helped keep me on the right track in blogging 10 years ago, was Leslie Mayorga.

Leslie, has a granddaughter who suffers from a rare syndrome that usually impacts girls, Rett Syndrome. This is a non-inherited genetic postnatal neurological disorder that leads to severe impairments, affecting nearly every aspect of the child’s life: their ability to speak, walk, eat and even breathe easily.

Leslie’s granddaughter, Maddie and her family, will be walking in the Atlanta Strollathon on October 6th in honor of Maddie.

They need to raise money and your donation will help fund important research and help support families affected.


If you are able to donate please consider donating.  Click HERE to donate and help give them hope.

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