Are You Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired?

I look at my house and shake my head.  My husband and I work hard for things that just fail.  We saved money to buy things that don’t work.  Things like, appliances.  We saved and saved for these, bought them brand new and it’s been an “epic fail“.


I look at the tv and we actually cancelled our cable tv because it’s all politics.  Even the politics that are on supposedly reputable stations must be called in to question.  I don’t want all politics.  While I do recognize the importance of politics, the real importance to me is what is going on everywhere.  What happened to humanitarian stories?

We all have problems, problems of our own making, outside influenced problems, we have all been wronged in this world in one way or another.  We have become a country and world where you are GUILTY until proven innocent.  There is no longer a trial by jury, you are tried in the news.  I am not talking just politics, I’m talking local news too.  We make judgments before an investigation is even completed.


Things have turned into men vs women, Democrats vs Republicans, working class vs the elite.  This goes on and on.


I, as one person probably will never make a difference but I’m hoping that we can NOT have a heated argument and that we can ban together to make a difference.  What are you sick and tired of?  No bashing each other or I’ll delete the comments.  I want a real conversation.  So I’m staring the conversation and will tackle one thing a week.  Just one and I am hoping that it will bring people together and not break them a part.

Something I tell my kids, you will never agree with one religion, school, person or whatever 100%, because we all have free will, but you have to take what you can from the situation and better yourself and then make an educated decision.  There is no black and white in this world, it’s all a gray area that we have to navigate the best we can.


What are some of the things you are “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired Of”?

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