Skinnies™ Seamless Skinwear Available At Allergy Store

Skin issues can be embarrassing, they can make the sufferer feel shame, and encourage bullies. That’s why when someone you love is suffering from Eczema, Psoriasis or even from scarring you want to help them. My daughter has mild Eczema and it embarrasses her. She controls it with creams and other products her doctors have prescribed. Living in Northern Michigan she loves walking to work and staying active but the clothes rubbing on her legs makes her Eczema flare up.

Recently, my attention was grabbed by the AllergyStore.Com who has signed an exclusive agreement to market Skinnies™ Seamless Skinwear. I knew right away I wanted my daughter to try a pair. If they worked she would have a new option our quickly approaching Winter.

We received a pair of the Skinnies™ Seamless Skinwear leggings for review. The leggings arrived made of a soft material and I immediately wanted Sarena to try them on.  I began explaining first what they were, but I should have just handed them over and then explained the product to her. She, was of course, hesitant but she put them on and instantly in love. Not just with what they would do for her skin but the leggings were comfortable and stylish too.

You see, Skinnies eliminates friction and heat that can result in sweat and skin irritation, giving adults and children unparalleled comfort in movement, while accelerating the healing process. In addition, the removal of seams results in highly-durable garments that can be machine washed and tumble dried. Skinnies also comes in multiple sizes and colors, giving adults and children fashionable clothing options that will also assist in recovering from their specific skin condition.

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