Doctors With Poor Time Management – Sick and Tired Series


Last week I missed posting to my Sick and Tired Series because… Doctor’s aren’t on time.  While I understand when you’re seeing an urgent care doctor, or even a doctor who sometimes has to squeeze in an emergency, what I don’t get is why doctors are double booked and seem to think our time isn’t valuable.


I had to take Quinn to see an Immunologist recently and she was 55 minutes late.  While I’m sure she may have had an excellent reason, standing out side our room door speaking loudly and shooting the breeze with another person purely in a personal fashion wasn’t ok with me.  In the paperwork we received from her office, we were informed that if we were late we would be charged and required to make a new appointment.  What about my time?

I had to stop working, pick my son up from school, and drive an hour and half south to get to said appointment in a timely manner.  I showed up 15 minutes early which they required so I could fill out paperwork.  In other words I had to move heaven and earth to get there on time, but I did it.


And I need to just say this…I am so sick and tired of following the rule and others not.  I feel like I’m kicked to the curb constantly.  When the doctor finally decided to grace us with her presence she was definitely looking down her nose at us.  Yeah, she is smarter than me and maybe can find out what is wrong with my kid, but she has no people skills or actual professional skills in dealing with people.  She also earns more, much more, but it’s MY money and the insurance I pay for out of our pocket that pays her.  She has job security though as there are no immunologists in our area.


As an outsider looking in I can’t begin to fathom what needs to be done to run a medical office but I can give a doctor many ideas that irritate their patients.


A working office manager, one that people can go to when there are issues.

Separate medical biller who isn’t the person making appointments.

Adequate office staff to answer phones.

If the office accepts walk-ins extra appointments open during the day to accommodate patients.

Don’t double book.

When a doctor goes into practice they need some basic business skills and if they don’t have them they need to hire someone who does.  We people are not disposable.  Doctors used to go into practice to help others, now they’re in practice to make money as quickly as they can.  Many are taking kick backs from pharm companies, insurance companies are manipulating them so that they can save money, but NOT pass the savings on to us.  Add this to what we as patients need, and they just can’t juggle it all and shouldn’t.  They shouldn’t be taking kick backs from pharm companies, and they shouldn’t be taking shortcuts for insurance companies.  NO!  They SHOULD be taking care of their patients.


But then what do I know I’m only a human.


2 comments for “Doctors With Poor Time Management – Sick and Tired Series

  1. ellen beck
    October 17, 2018 at 11:41 pm

    What you say is very true, although there are exceptions.

    I have been very lucky as faar as GPs go. I used to have such a good Dr no one minded waiting for her. She took her time and listened to everyone. She mos usually was an hour behind!

    • October 18, 2018 at 1:10 pm

      Our GP is actually on time. Very rarely do we have to wait for him. I don’t mind waiting on him because when we do there are usually emergencies.

      It’s the specialists. Quinn has been to the cardiologist, immunologist, and next up is gastroenterologist and this gets so old. I understand emergencies but the total disregard for others time just makes me angry. My kids used to see an allergist and I loathed going because we always had a two hour wait or more. You had to pay before you saw him and I think that was his way of ensuring his patients didn’t leave.

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