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One of my husband’s and my favorite thing to do is the summer concerts at the National Cherry Festival.  Every year it’s sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, with their big proud tarp swaying in the wind.  And every year it makes me mad.  Our insurance company was Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, and I don’t appreciate the money we pay  being used to sponsor the Music Festival that we also pay to enter.


My husband’s company pays a lot so that their employees can be insured.  Not well mind you, we have a high deductible,and we have to pay for part of his insurance, and all of the cost of insurance for the kids and I.  It’s not cheap and when I see them flying the banner I don’t think “Wow!  Thanks for the entertainment Blue Cross”.  No I think you “Dirty Dogs!  You’re wasting MY money”.  If a beer company, a food company, or even a darn shoe company want to sponsor them fine, but not the company raping people of their pay and under insuring the individuals they have.



I was under the impression that Blue Cross was a non profit company and when I decided to post this article I looked it up.  Come to find out some Blue Cross companies are for profit and some or non profit.  I did a total WTF!  So I would think that Blue Cross is cashing in on the benefits of being non profit in areas they can’t support, and that they’re reaping the benefits from people they cash in on?

According to the Detroit Free Press Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan showed a strong over all financial picture and Daniel Loepp, CEO of Blue Cross since 2006, reached a salary of $13.4 million in 2017.  If you’re lucky enough to have insurance there is why your prices are so high,  and if you don’t?  That’s why you can’t afford it.


Wouldn’t you think instead of supporting a music festival Blue Cross and Blue Shield should be sponsoring clinics that affect your health?  ie:  heart health, immunizations, weight loss, mental health, the list goes on and on of people in need of good, quality health care but they are too busy wasting our money.  Shouldn’t they put OUR money where it’s needed?

Now, we have Priority Health, and their no less expensive, and their plan is much the same.  I haven’t had a problem with them BUT…One of my doctors got paid in October for services I received in January.  Now take my crabbiness about doctors a bit ago and this is something THEY should be compensated for from insurance companies.  They should be paid for work they perform.


Looking for a CEO Salary for Priority Health wasn’t easy to find.  There are a lot of posts out there about their salaries but none that are citable.  However, all the salaries I found were much, much less than Blue Cross.  By almost $10 Million.


In the next few weeks negotiations between employers and insurance companies starts or is in talks.  By the first of the year they will probably be raising rates.  The insurance company will dance and say we paid out more in claims that we received in payments, though if they are earning so little should they not pay their CEO less?


My Thoughts:

Health care would be more affordable if we put our thumbs on the necks of the lobbyists. It doesn’t matter the political affiliation of a senator or representative they shouldn’t be allowed to take kickbacks, payments, gifts and/or services from anyone.  This would keep them more honest and from sending through add ons to benefit themselves.  And even if we had to pay government officials more because of this would we all not be on the winning end?


These companies should be non profit or for profit not both.


And, because they seem to be both, this is considered a monopoly, and thus should be broken up.


noun: monopoly; plural noun: monopolies; noun: Monopoly
the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.
“his likely motive was to protect his regional monopoly on furs”
  • the exclusive possession, control, or exercise of something.
    “men don’t have a monopoly on unrequited love”
  • a company or group having exclusive control over a commodity or service.
    “areas where cable companies operate as monopolies”
  • a commodity or service in the exclusive control of a company of group.
    “electricity, gas, and water were considered to be natural monopolies”


Finally, why is no one bullying the insurance companies?  Of all the injustice in this world and in our country people are fighting hard for health care, but I see very few placing the blame where it should be or fighting the unfair practices of insurance companies.  This country needs reformed and if we start putting the blame where it should be and move up it will come, but if we fight with one another it won’t, it will instead lead to a very uncivil war.


Your thoughts?


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